About Us.



Kuzco Lighting was established in 2006. Our founder, Nathan Yang was inspired to name his company Kuzco because of the mountainous region of Peru which was once inhabited by the Incan Empire. Cuzco was considered a holy area by the Incas and models of Cuzco have been found throughout Peru and beyond by archaeologists. The Incan people put their heart into Cuzco, creating art out of their finest materials around the city and paving the roads with the latest technology they had. Cuzco was a place where brilliant people from throughout the region would meet to create new and exciting art and technology. The “C” was replaced with “K” in our name because of Nathan’s connection to his Chinese heritage, melding the Cuzco philosophies with the expansive Kunlun Mountain Range, one of the longest mountain chains in Asia, extending for more than 3,000 kilometers. Nathan connects this with our philosophy at Kuzco, to create the finest modern designs we possibly can, combining the brightest minds in a range of disciplines, all made at the best prices possible.

Valley leading to Ausangate Mountain, Cuzco Image by Petr Meissner is licensed under CC BY 2.0



This year, we signed our very first sales representation agency in Canada and made our first sales.



In 2007, Kuzco leased our first warehouse in British Columbia, Canada. We hired our first three employees and got to work. This year, we signed our very first sales representation agency in Canada and made our first sales.



In 2012, we moved our location in Surrey, British Columbia to match our growth. The new location is about 5 times the size of the original Kuzco Warehouse in space.



In 2011, Kuzco doubled its warehouse and office space in British Columbia, Canada to match our outstanding growth. Check out this interview with Nathan Yang from 2011.



In 2018, we rebranded the Kuzco Logo to meet the moment in our company. With tremendous US growth on the horizon, we wanted to further modernize the branding to match our mission and vision to be on the cutting edge of design.

Top of our Class
Two years after our debut at the annual LightFair Show, we won Best Booth at the 2018 show for our expansive and impressive design. In 2018, we were recognized as one of Canada’s Growth 500 Fastest Growing Businesses.

Lightovation showroom, 2019.



In 2016, we opened the doors to our first Dallas Showroom to participate in the semi-annual Lightovation Show. We also began our journey with LightFair, producing our first booth in May of 2016 at the San Diego Show.

First showroom in Dallas, 2016.



In 2020, our New York Studio came into the world of design with a bang. With their introductory design, the Magellan, our NYC Team went on to win the 2020 Red Dot Best of the Best Award, Best Chandelier at the LIT Awards, Most Innovative Product of the Year in the LFI Innovation Awards and many more (Read more here)



In 2019, we opened the doors to our brand-new 25,000 Sq Ft Dallas Showroom. This showroom hosts the entirety of our expansive collection, from best sellers to brand-new designs. In its very first year, Kuzco’s Dallas Showroom won Best Visual Presentation by the Lightovation Board of Governors. Now you can visit our showroom from anywhere with our Virtual 360 Tour. In 2019 Kuzco was awarded Best Booth at the annual LightFair Show in Philidelphia for the second year in a row.

Kuzco was also recognized for the second year in a row as one of Canada’s Growth 500 Fastest Growing Businesses. To continue our grand trajectory in the world of lighting, we opened the doors to our own New York City Design Studio.

Elegant Entry

In 2019, our sister company Alora Lighting was born. Alora is an exploration of timeless elegance and luxury. Each collection embodies classical forms embodied by modern designs, refined finishes, and superior materials. Timeless Alora chandeliers, pendants and sconces bring exquisite illumination that complement designer spaces. View the Alora Collection Here.

Lightfair in Philadelphia, 2019.



Kuzco Group proudly announces the acquisition of Auroralight. Auroralight sets the standard in marine-grade outdoor lighting with its solid copper and brass styles. Made in Carlsbad, California, Auroralight continues to round out the Kuzco Group offering with high-quality, luxury outdoor lighting.



In January 2022, Kuzco Group unveiled new brand Alora Mood at the Lightovation show in Dallas. Offering a wide range of styles in the form of “moods” for any space, Alora Mood is one of the fastest growing brands in the Kuzco Group family with over 500 products to date.

Our goal is to continue to provide studio-level, award winning designs each year with our design team at the forefront of modern lighting design. We are so proud of the growth we have had in our 16 years of business, and we plan to continue that growth with brand expansions, designer collaborations, and much more in the years to come. If you are a long-time supporter or a newly acquainted one, we thank you for your interest in our brand and our story.